A love of video games, an obsession with cinema, a passion for filmmaking, and five painfully cool geeks. These are the ingredients that make up Infectious Designer.

The crew’s first foray into filmmaking was inspired by a lifelong dream: to punch a hole through a friend with a lightsaber. And y’all, nerds like us ATE. IT. UP. Concrete Hustle was not only a ton of fun to make—it was a surprise smash hit on the YouTubes.

And ever since we realized that people really like our work, we haven’t been able to quit; producing short films based on Half-Life, Half-Life 2 and the Killzone series. And we’re not even close to finished.

We make low-budget films with epic results. How? Simple: we love this stuff. We can’t get enough of it. Between playing (too many) video games, watching movies and having serious discussions on our respective roles in a zombie apocalypse survival scenario, we’re always looking forward to—and planning for—our next mini-masterpiece.

Infectious Designer is led by Brian Curtin (that handsome devil that looks like the Facebook default profile picture), but wouldn’t hardly be worth kicking without the extraordinary talents of Matt Hall, Mat Powell, Joy Gravel and Walt Thomas.